Aegean Sun

The Dried Figs come from Aydın and its type is called Ficus carica . Our figs have  high honey ratio and tin hull with Aegean climate .
All the sun dried figs disinfect under Vacuum space then have shelled under UV lamp. So, the umugation process is completed ( to examine against alfatoxin). 

We also suppy dried fig paste , especially for cake industry.
The types of figs are :

- Natural Dired Figs  for all sizes
- Dried Figs Pulled        "
- Dried Figs Garland      "
- Dried Figs Protoben   "
- Dried Figs Pulled        "
- Dired Figs Layer         "
- Dried Fig Paste

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Type of the dired apricot is Prunus Armeniaca which comes from its mother land of apricots , Malatya .
The dried process is started by picking the matured fruits from trees. Then, during 2-3 days,  the apricots make wait in to Sulphur then they are dired under Sun.
There is not any other addictive without Suphur.
Regarding to our client demans, we can also supply Natural Dried Apricots without Sulphur. 

Expecially for cake industry , we supply cubic cut apricots . 

- Whole Dired Apricots  ( max. 2000 ppm Sulphur )
- Whole Dried Apricots  ( 2000 ppm - 3000 ppm )  
- Cubic Cut Dried Apricots 

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Olives/Olive Oil
Seres brings a variety of olives and olive oils to suit your appetite.


Mediterranean Cuisine
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Aegean Sunshine
The flavor festival continues with Seres's dried fruits.

Anuga Show

Anuga Show
We attended the Anuga Show 13-17 October, 2007.

Gulfood Show

Gulfood Show
We attended the Gulfood Show 24-27 February, 2008.


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