Olives & Olive Oil

green olivesGreen Olives

Obtained from fruit carefully harvested during the maturing period, prior to coloring and when they have reached normal size. The color of the fruit vary from green to yellow and then bitterness of the olives is removed and ferment for up to two months, packed in the fresh brine. At the same time ferment olives are sized, sorted and then picked and stuffed with a variety of flavors.

– Green Olives  ( Whole , Pitted , Sliced )
– Marinated Green Olives
– Green Stuffed Olives with Almond,Pepper, Garlic
– Green Olives in Hot Pepper Sauce
– Green Oive with  Coriander
– Green Olive Paste

Kalamata  Olives

Kalamata is usually the name which springs to mind when talking about Greek Olives. Obtained from rose, wine rose on brown colored fruits harvested when turning color, before the stage of complete ripeness is attained. Then they are naturally fermented brine.
Packed in fresh brine with using vinegar, oregano, bay leaves and virgin olive oil.

– Kalamata Olive , Whole & Pitted

black olivesNatural Black Olive

They are not picked from the tree’s arms to ripen fully on the tree and pckled in brine traditional methods. They have fruit flavour and then usually retain a slightly bitter taste.

– Black Olive in Brain
– Black Olive – Gemlik type , Memecik Type and Uslu Type
– Marinated Black Olive with capers, herbs, sundried tomatoes
– Sliced Black Olive
– Black Olive Paste – with special sauce and spices

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Olive Oil

seres xv The Olive Oil which is handled  from Edremit Coast to Çandarlı and , from Aydin to Muğla , is very favorable olive oil because of its special taste and smells in Turkey.
We can basically say that,  all types of the olive oil can be produced in Turkey , successfully.

– Extra Virgin Olive Oil ( max. 0,8% acidity ) , has an excellent taste and fruity aroma by using just physical processing and no chemicals are added.
– Virgin Olive Oil ( max 2,0 % acidity ) ,  is from later pressings in which heat and chemical extraction methods are used.
– Olive Oil ( pure ) (max. 1,5% acidity ), is a mixture of the refined olive oil and extra virgin olive oil. Its color is from green to yellow.
– Refined Olive Oil ( max. 0,3% acidity ), has not fruit odor , too much but its taste is also special.
– Pomace Oil ( crude,  refined, mixed ) ,  is the oil obtained from “olive pomace” by extraction by means of solvents and made edible by means of refining methods.

All these olive oils  can be sold as in bulk for in vessel tank or in flexitanks or as packed (glass bottles, tins or plastic bottles) .

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